We have a new Social Media Manager!


Hello everyone,

My name is Simone Mitchell. I’m the new Social Media Manager here at Tapas Media and I’m excited to be here!

Some of you (hopefully, lol) may know me from my webcomic Combo Arcadia, which I published from October of 2011 to April of 2012. It’s a webcomic about a group of kids who play fighting video games like Street Fighter and various other games. Each comic was done as a watercolor painting and photographed digitally, with some Photoshop touchups. No one was doing watercolor painted webcomics (at least as far as I know) so I thought I could be original and try it out. The comic was based on my childhood of playing video games, specifically fighting games, the times I’ve had, and the friends I’ve made over the years of playing them. I wanted to share those stories with other people.

I’ve been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil. The first and most influential comics creator was Charles Shultz. When I was a child I would read every comic of his and copy his drawings. When I saw his comics I knew that I wanted to make comics for a living.

I’ve never stopped loving Charles Shultz’s Peanuts, even as I got older and read other titles; another creator who also had a strong impact on me is Will Eisner. He is famous for the newspaper strip The Spirit and for popularizing the graphic novel format in the ‘70s. Eisner is known for his progressive page compositions and pursuit of subject matter not usually sought after in American comics.

Being a comic creator myself, I know what it takes just to create a webcomic, let alone a good one. The deadlines, stressing over formulating the storyline, and being self conscious of the artwork, are just some of the aspects of comic making I understand from experience. Through making comics, I’m able to express myself in ways that are true to how I see the world where just writing about my views or making art of them wouldn’t allow. I can write better than an artist who just expresses themselves with art and I make art better than writers who just express through writing.

When the opportunity to join Tapas Media as the Social Media Manager came up, I immediately jumped on as it allowed me to combine my desire to work in the comics industry for a living (a dream come true!), and working with communities of fans and creators alike. I hope to make you guys feel right at home… So don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions, comments, or just want to talk “Webtoons”.

You can find me at simonemitchell@tapasmedia.co. Follow Tapastic on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

See you soon!