Updates List, February 2/27

Spring makeover


Boom! We’ve almost completely overhauled Tapastic’s main page. We’ve received a lot of feedback from you and incorporated the feedback into our new design. Highlights include:

  • Removed the “Community series” section. We removed the distinction between “Featured” and “Community” series. On the main page, now there are four main categories of featured content: Top Featured, Popular, Daily, and Staff Picks. 
  • Cleaner, uncluttered design. We used lots of graphic banners on our old homepage. While those were certainly contributing to the overall beautiful design, some users also said they were getting a bit of a visual overload. We addressed that by having less images and using more whitespace. 
  • Shorter top banners. We also addressed a “small screen problem” of the old homepage, where the top banners would take up too much space, by making the top feature images shorter in height. 
  • Streamlined the navbar design. Now the top navigation bar is shorter and takes less space; also has a simpler, cleaner design.

Artists page


Our users wondered where they can go and find all the list of artists who are publishing on Tapastic. As part of the Spring Makeover, we also introduced a new page where you can check out all the awesome Tapastic artists, including our Primetime publishers, in one place!

Disqus away!

We’ve been using Facebook commenting module by default. But some users wanted to leave comments using IDs that are not tied to their real-world identities. Also we’ve sometimes experienced technical issues such as comments not appearing instantly. And the artists also complained there’s no easy way to get notification when someone leaves a new comment on their series.

So we did a quick survey among the artists and found that a vast majority of artists preferred using a non-Facebook commenting system, like Disqus, preferably with a single sign on option. So from now on, all new episodes of any series will have Disqus commenting module by default. But we will not remove any existing comments, so don’t worry you will lose your comments! Meanwhile we’ll look into providing Tapastic single sign-on option in the future.

RSS subscription

Now you can follow a series via RSS. But you know what’s cool? Tapastic’s Subscription feature, which gives you notification on web and mobile whenever there’s a new episode from the series that you love and follow. So check it out!


Other updates:

  • Comic images are now zoom-able on tablet and mobile devices 
  • Now episode view has a quick link to see the previous episode
  • Mobile page supports “see in original language” feature 
  • Authors now have an option to mark a series as “Completed” – the Completed series will have a special label on the Release Schedule page
  • A few other updates and bug fixes

And, perhaps the most exciting part of the story is that more updates and changes are coming! We’re already at hard work on other oft-requested features like profile page features and scheduled publishing, as well as updating episodes and browsing pages. So stay tuned! And as always, please share your feedback through the Feedback link on the bottom right corner of Tapastic pages. Thanks again for using Tapastic!