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We are featured on 500 Startups! Here’s an excerpt:

So, what are Webtoons? It’s like YouTube for webcomics, where users can find hundreds of interesting webcomic series, or (if one is talented enough) start publishing his or her own series. Click here to see Naver Webtoons, the most popular Webtoons service in Korea.

At our company Tapastic, we understand how Webtoons gained popularity in Korea and “export” it globally. The first and foremost reason – content is king. In the U.S., superheroes dominate comic story lines. In Korea, Webtoons feature various genres of webcomics that casual, mainstream users can easily relate to. Webtoons are more like casual social games, while superhero comics from Marvel and DC are like World of Warcraft. Webtoons span almost any “everyday” topic – school, work, diet and exercisepetstravelrecipehorror stories – you name it. This variety exists because Webtoons provide an open platform for amateur artists and storytellers to publish their work and become overnight sensations (similar to YouTube celebrities).

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