Convention Recap: Animation on Display (Part 2)

Sherlock! Er, I mean, Linkami! Can... can I be your Watson?

Sherlock! Er, I mean, Linkami! Can… can I be your Watson?

If you went downstairs to the artist alley at Anime on Display, then without a doubt you would have noticed Sherlock sitting pensively with his hands pressed together. Amazing cosplay, but it turns out, Sherlock, who really goes by Linkakami is a talented artist (and super nice guy too, TR-TR-TRIPLE THREAT)! CHECK. OUT. HIS. STUFF. Seriously. In particular, the commission of Madotsuki stood out to me because of how the outlines are done in a gradient rather than black. I haven’t seen much of this and when Linkakami mentioned Katangatari, it all made more sense. I feel like more artists should gradually move towards doing outlines in colors rather than black because it’s less distracting and Linkakami shows off its versatility with changing the different kinds of pinks and purples which offer a nice rhythm to the piece. Oh, and if you’re still really curious about the Anime on Display experience be sure to check out his blog post!!!


Onihat! Check out that awesome table display!

Next up in artists alley are the creators of PUPPY ADOBO! This beautifully crafted anthology featured some gorgeous black and white art from the talents of Onihat, Tat Ho, Scrotumnose, and Michelle Yague. Together, they offer a wide range of storytelling and art styles. Onihat’s line weights are superb in the first story about mobster cats in a WAMEN shop.There are also a slew of bizarre (but fantastically drawn) anthropomorphism pieces done by Scrotumnose (his site is down and the next closest thing that I could link was definitely NSFW). Tat Ho did a great short called “The Hive Queen” which is reminiscent of Adventure Time and features the adorable duo, Tea & Biscotti. Michelle Yague did a great job on Special Tea. It starts off with a traditional panel grid but quickly shifts into a wonderful display of experimentation with paneling. Puppy Adobo was definitely the gem of the entire con, they’ll be APE this year so be sure to pick up a copy there, I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

Brunch with Tapastic! Sweet potato iced latte...what have I done...

Brunch with Tapastic!

At brunch, Katherine, Nina and I sat down at a local café where I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried the sweet potato iced latte and realized… I don’t… I don’t even like sweet potatoes, why did I step outside of my comfort zone… Seriously though, it was pretty good. I finished most of it. Oh hey, if you’re looking at the picture to the left, you’ll notice some flyers! Kat designed them and we were handing them out to eager con goers and we left a couple in some peculiar places… could this be the start of a scavenger hunt (hmmmm….)?


Crazy Mike!

Crazy Mike!

Across the street, Crazy Mike was repping CRAZYGOLUCKY,a company that designs some really awesome shirts. Copped a shirt which reminded me of those Asian Kung Fu Generation covers and chit chatted a bit with Mike (sans Crazy) about design and how designing a t-shirt is a lot different from drawing a print. I think the shirt’s design reads really easily despite how cluttered it appears. It definitely makes the eye do some work as it travels all over the different axis of the shirt, but that might just be what graphic t-shirts need to start doing! If you want to add some swag to your wardrobe, check out Mike’s shop! #SWAG #SWAG4LYFE



Despite AoD being a relatively small convention, it definitely had it’s fill of talented artists.Be sure to be on the look out for me at future cons and stay tuned to the Tapastic blog, we’ve got some more bloggity blog blog goodness in the works.

As always GO READ SATIRICAL (Feyuca made me do it!)


P.S. It was Daron’s birthday the other day. Daron’s responsible for design of the homepage and in my humble opinion has made Tapastic the best looking website in the cosmos! Happy birthday, Daron!