BEHIND THE ART: Introducing Storee1, creators of Shaman

Tell us about your studio and the team. Also, what’s the difference between Storee1 and Story Breeze

Storee1 is the company name. We are different from the average art production studio in that we do not just purely focus on artistic creations. We are also a professional company using the company’s brand and marketing to promote our content created by our team including webtoons.


Story Breeze is the content creation team within the Storee1. In other words, Story Breeze is not a pseudonym for a particular creator, but for a creative team. The team has specialists with defined roles. For example, a single project can be composed of up to 5 people: the Creator, Writer, Artist, Producer, and Advisor. The team finished the publication of the webtoon Shaman in 2011, and now, are in the process of planning and producing a new series. 

I hear Story Breeze has a slogan. What is the slogan of Story Breeze?

‘Create 100 stories that will be remembered for 100 years.’

The goal of Story Breeze is to create original masterpieces that will be universally acclaimed such as ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Harry Potter’.

How did you begin creating webtoons?

The Storee1 management always had the idea of “creating our own art” in various forms. However, because it is not a big company, it was impossible to start off by producing movies or dramas. With the current size of our company, we decided to take create webtoons. Our goal is to not only create webtoons, but to expand into the field of movies and animation in the future.

Unlike the average webtoon, there are many staff members involved in the creation of Shaman. How did you come up with the staff composition?


Five members participated in the making of Shaman, and they had very distinct roles. First, the Creator is the individual who first came up with the concept of the story and is the overall leader of the project. The Producer takes the concept developed by the Creator and manages it until completion. The Artist then takes the concept, adds meat to the body, and completes it. For Shaman, because it is a webtoon, the Artists were divided into two separate areas, the Writer and the Artist. The final stage that really distinguishes Story Breeze from other creative organizations is the participation of an Advisor who is an expert in the subject of the story. No matter how much effort a Writer or a Producer puts into a story, their knowledge is limited. However, by involving someone knowledgeable in the subject, we can create a superb work of art.

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 3.20.39 PMThe first thing we noticed in Shaman is the dreamlike art. I’m sure there are probably concepts that were added during the designing phase of the work, but there must have been some areas that were influenced by the Writer. Could you tell us of some of these?

Because the operating or workflow process of Storee1 is different than an average webtoon, this is definitely a possibility. The Writer originally studied movie screenplays and the Artist studied animation, so you could say the art is more similar to a film. The script was written with film-like scenes in mind, so it carries that ambience. Initially, the Creator and the Producer both provided many files with images for the artists to refer to as far as the overall feel. Those files were full of intense tones and frightening lines and the Artist did a good job in bringing that style of art in this webtoon.

Do you have plans for a sequel for Shaman?

How did you know? Yes and more! We are planning make Shaman a trilogy. The second season will be a follow-up sequel to the first season. There will be some overlapping characters, but definitely a new protagonist. Also, the background and events will be completely different. The third episode will be the prequel. The main story will be the history behind the 1st and 2nd seasons. Excited?