29 May 2014
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20 May 2014

Introducing the Tapastic Support Program

Being at the forefront of the webcomic industry and talking with comic creators on a daily basis lets us appreciate just how challenging it is to continue making an ongoing series. Creators have to constantly come up with fresh ideas and then convert those ideas into new content - sometimes daily – to deliver something interesting to hungry readers as often as possible. One thing we can definitely say is this: maintaining an ongoing webcomic series is a lot of hard work!

That’s why we’re so excited to announce the beta version of the Tapastic Support Program. Through this program, fans can provide ongoing support to comic creators in the form of small monthly payments. In return, they’ll receive access to exclusive benefits such as supporter-only comics, sketches, and more.

Pary's Support page

Pary’s Support page

Once the support feature is enabled, creators have the option to “lock” individual comics and profile wall posts for supporters only. To “unlock” the content, readers will have to become supporters. Tapastic’s bite-sized, episodic publishing model is uniquely suited for this spin on the “freemium” model, where the majority of content is still unlocked and freely available. Locking episodes is of course entirely optional. If creators prefer, they can enable support while keeping all content unlocked, in which case the feature will work more like a tip jar.


Supporter-only comic on web

Supporter-only comic on web


Supporter-only comic on mobile web

Supporter-only comic on mobile web

As a first example, you can check out the beta version of our support model in action on Pary Shah’s profile and her series Falling. We will gradually roll out the support model to more creators over the next few months, in preparation for a wider launch. During this beta period, we will be collecting feedback from creators in order to fix bugs, provide a better user experience, and add new functionality such as tiered or variable pricing options, supporter-only messaging, and more.

With the Support Program, we hope to build a stronger community between creators and fans on Tapastic. Today’s announcement is just the beginning; we’ll continue to iterate on the Support Program and will update you with more exciting developments. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, check out our FAQ and please send any questions or comments to us.

20 Feb 2014