16 Oct 2014
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07 Aug 2014

Tapastic Update: Comment Upvoting, Supporter and Creator Badges, Navigation Changes, and More

Ello Ello Tapastic! We’ve got some exciting updates to announce this week!

Commenting Improvements

We’ve decided to make a few changes to episode commenting to help create richer discussions between creators and readers.


First and foremost, we’ve added upvoting! If there is a particular comment you want to stand out amongst the others, give it an upvote! You can also downvote as well if you think a comment is distasteful. We hope that this added functionality will put more meaningful comments in focus.


New Supporter and Creator Badges

We’ve added special badges for comic creators and their supporters to appear next to their profile thumbnail in a comment thread. If you are a creator of a particular series, you will receive a special “creator” badge. This will help readers easily identify you in the midst of a big comment thread.

Creator badge

If you are a supporter of a particular series, you will receive a special supporter badge next to your avatar. Why? Because you are awesome and creators want to know who their supporters are. Want the badge? Start supporting these creators for their hard work. Please note that this will only appear if you are commenting on a series made by a creator you are currently supporting.  Comment Display Changes We decided to show the top 3 comments in a comment thread after each episode to encourage more discussion.

Supporter badge

Navigation Changes

Navigation Button Improvements

We also made a few updates to the next, previous, and top navigation buttons on the series page to give better descriptions of the content within a series and to inform a reader what’s up next. Besides jumping to the next, previous, or first comic in a series, once you you reach the end you’ll also be able to go directly to the next recommendation or unread comic in your reading List.

Next, Previous, First navigation


Start at Last Episode

When you view a comic for the first time, you will now jump directly to the last episode of that comic series rather than the first. Why the change? We received a lot of feedback that  readers like to view the latest comics first, unless the series happens to be in a serial format.  In order to accommodate  serial comics, getting to the first episode is just a click away in the upper right hand corner. Piece of cake.

Keep in mind that if you have already started reading a comic, Tapastic will save where you left off (which might be the first, last, or somewhere in the middle). No need to worry about this update affecting where you left off in a particular series. As long as you have a Tapastic account, your spot is saved on our website and apps.   That’s all for this update folks! Stay tuned for more awesomeness to come. Please give us your feedback in this forum discussion. And remember,  you help us make Tapastic awesome.

29 May 2014
Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 1.31.29 PM
20 May 2014

Introducing the Tapastic Support Program

Being at the forefront of the webcomic industry and talking with comic creators on a daily basis lets us appreciate just how challenging it is to continue making an ongoing series. Creators have to constantly come up with fresh ideas and then convert those ideas into new content – sometimes daily – to deliver something interesting to hungry readers as often as possible. One thing we can definitely say is this: maintaining an ongoing comic series is hard work!

That’s why we’re so excited to announce the beta version of the Tapastic Support Program. Through this program, fans can provide ongoing support to comic creators in the form of small monthly payments. In return, supporters receive access to exclusive benefits such as supporter-only comics, sketches, and Milestone Rewards, all of which the creators decides.


Once a creator has setup their Support Program, they  have the option to “lock” individual comics and profile wall posts for supporters only. To see the locked content, readers will have to become supporters. Tapastic’s bite-sized, episodic publishing model is uniquely suited for this spin on the “freemium” model, where the majority of content is still unlocked and freely available. Locking episodes is of course entirely optional. If creators prefer, they can enable support while keeping all content unlocked, in which case the feature will work more like a tip jar.


Supporter-only comic on web

Supporter-only comic on web


Supporter-only comic on mobile web

Supporter-only comic on mobile web

Here are some examples of the Support Program in action. We will gradually roll out the Support Program to more creators over the next few months in preparation for a wider launch. During this beta period, we will be collecting feedback from creators in order to fix bugs, provide a better user experience, and add new functionality.

With the Support Program, we hope to build a stronger community between creators and fans on Tapastic. Today’s announcement is just the beginning; we’ll continue to iterate on the Support Program and will update you with more exciting developments. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, check out our FAQ and please send any questions or comments to us.